JunkEx - A filtering HTTP proxy based on the JunkBuster

JunkEx also incorporates ideas and code from Carsten Clasohm's LeanWeb and Stefan Waldherr's version of the JunkBuster.

Note: JunkEx can be considered dead currently.
Privoxy is the continuation of Stefan's line and is currently far ahead of JunkEx.

What JunkEx can do for you

(JB) means also present in the "usual" JunkBuster

What it cannot do


download v1.2.5, tar xzf ..., make, run & have fun.



download experimental v1.90pre2


Possibly some day to come (version 2.0)

Other things ToDo



The simplest way to install JunkEx is to install the version of JunkBuster packaged for your OS distribution and replace the existing executable or adjust the daemon position to the place where you put JunkEx. Then adjust the already present config files according to the ones shipped with JunkEx.

Feedback to junkex@ossi.cjb.net

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